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Hubs and I made Saturday plans. We planned to bicycle through St Andrews State Park with friends today. Which we did. St Andrews is an awesome and huge state park in Panama City, which is about an hour away from where we live. It has primitive campgrounds, a beach area on the Gulf, jetties, a

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boobs are the first sign

Soooo what happens to you when your favorite sibling and their partner dump you because they are immature, selfish fatheads? Well, let me just tell you. So you know… First you spend the weekend at the beach with great friends drinking mojitos and you try to pretend you are in your happy place. Or Key

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My Recliner Swallows Me Up & Messes With My Hair

I’m wide awake and it’s three-thirty in the morning. WTH. Oh yeah. That’s right. I fell asleep in my recliner last night around eight o’clock, with wet hair and a belly full of lobster. And vodka. So I got six hours of sleep. In my recliner. I guess my body doesn’t care if my six

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