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Am I Your Mother? Or Yours?

I wear three different Mom-hats and sometimes (albeit rarely) the hats get mixed up. Even though Jamie is twenty-five, his Mom gets the most use; she is full of positive platitudes, has liberal boundaries, and offers endless encouragement. Nic’s Mom chooses her battles carefully, but is ultimately still the boss of him. And Alex’s Mom

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Shut The Elf Up

After your kids grow up, do you wonder what to do with all those Christmas ornaments you bought for them every year? This past Christmas, while decorating the tree, I broke a hollow glass ornament marked “Jamie 2002” (in 2002, my oldest son Jamie was fifteen). When I bent over to pick up the pieces

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Moms of Boys Have More Fun & Fewer Washcloths

Recently my friend and I had a conversation about the differences between raising boys and raising girls. My friend’s life is full of American Girl dolls, pastels, gymnastics and sweet smells. My friend has a daughter. As the mother of three boys, my life has always been about sourcing funky smells, ER trips, comic book

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