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“Look what I just killed in our garage.” My husband just walked in the kitchen and proudly showed me a picture on his phone. Are you kidding me? That’s a black widow! “Yep. And I killed it.” What about her friends and her nest of eggs? Should we call an exterminator! (laughing) “It was just

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Stop Bugging Me

Hubs is reaching to pick up his iPhone and I remember… “HUBS! DON’T TOUCH YOUR PHONE! You need to clean it first.” Uh. Why? “Because I used it to kill a bug.” You used my phone to kill a bug? “Yep.” (Hubs is staring at me in disbelief) “Really. I did. Look at the back.

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Save The Last Laugh For Me

Years ago my mother in law asked Hubs to check her attic because she thought there were squatters living in it, and behind her walls. Needless to say, Hubs didn’t find anything in her attic, or behind her walls; it was all in her head. So last night when I handed Hubs a flashlight, and

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