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My Dining Table Goes Commando

I’m cleaning again… Today it was closets. Well, today The List read: take down the Christmas tree and decorations, but. Well. One thing led to another, and I ended up in the closet. First looking at a box of old pictures. And then I found a box of my grandmother’s china. And so I unpacked

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Visions of Wild Turkeys & Christmas Porn

I’ve always thought of Thanksgiving as a precursor-holiday; a practice; the kickoff holiday that gets you in the mood for the main event: Christmas. Maybe that’s because somewhere along the way in my life, I figured out that always being thankful makes me happier, so I don’t feel like I need a specific day to

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Tooth Fairies, Placental Guilt & Dorothy Hamill

My youngest son Nic will sit for his senior portrait tomorrow, and last week he asked me if he could get his haircut a few days before the pictures, because he wanted a chance for his hair to grow, and not look so freshly coiffed. Wow, I thought to myself, he is really growing up.

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