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Michelin Runner

It’s a crazy cold thirty degrees in the Florida panhandle tonight. As I write this, I’m in front of the fire place with the (heat) thermostat cranked to seventy-four. I’m wearing sweater leggings, a tank top, a long-sleeve tee shirt, a hoodie sweat shirt, purple-polka-dot fuzzy socks, and I’m wrapped up in my purple, As-Seen-On-TV

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You’ll Be Fine Cupcake

“HUUBBBSS! Wake up! Wake Up!” Whaaaaa? What time is it? Huh? We don’t have to be up for another hour… Whaaa WHY are YOU up? What’s wrong? Are you sick? “No I’m not sick! I’m COLD! I can’t sleep because it’s freezing in here! You left the sliding door open last night and it feels

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