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Potato, Potatoe

“Hubs, A customer gave us a basketful of Samoans today. Wasn’t that nice?” Uhmm. I doubt they gave you a basketful of Samoans. (annoyed eyeroll). “Uh, yeesss. They. Did.” “Oh wait. They are SATSUMAs!”

Just Follow Me, Everything Will Be Fun!

The best laid plans and the road to Hell… what is it they say? In a few weeks I’m traveling with Hubs and our couple-friends, Jan and Tom, and they’ve left the details, up to me. Again. Just writing that, putting it out there, makes me snort-laugh. Are they effing serious? I could be a

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Don’t Bore Me With Names

College football is a big deal in the South, and my oldest son is a big Alabama fan; Alabama Roll Tide, not Alabama, Auburn. There is a difference. I learned the difference once at Christmas, because my middle son is an Auburn fan, NOT a Roll Tide fan. There is a huge, tree-killing difference. And

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