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in sickness and health, but not vinegar

Have you ever seen that episode of Cheers where Rebecca finally decides to give it up to Sam? The one where she is all snotty and coughing and un-showered, with matted-bed-hair, unbrushed teeth, and sporting well-worn pajamas? Well. Last Wednesday night, I remembered that episode… I returned from my Chicago business trip last Monday with

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Save The Last Laugh For Me

Years ago my mother in law asked Hubs to check her attic because she thought there were squatters living in it, and behind her walls. Needless to say, Hubs didn’t find anything in her attic, or behind her walls; it was all in her head. So last night when I handed Hubs a flashlight, and

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Common Ear Sense

“Hubs my ear hurts.” It’s probably allergies, don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine. “No. I won’t be fine. It hurts deep down inside; to my throat, so it’s probably a raging infection. I checked on the internet. I need you to light this candle and hold it in my ear; then cut the ash

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