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I Almost Went Dumpster Diving For Chocolate Covered Almonds, But The Cop Believed Me

I’m a size fourteen, trapped in a size six body. Really. I lost weight, but I can’t seem to loose the mindset. And I’m tired too. I didn’t sleep last night because my house was hotter than one of the deepest circles of Hell, because our A/C died. So I’m going home to a hot

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NOLA Has Everything; Middle Aged Seniors & Molly’s Jeans.

What do three middle-aged, suburban couples do for fun? Head to NOLA, also known to the newbies as New Orleans. Hubs and I have been to NOLA a bunch of times, but our good couple-friends Jack and Stella, have never been to the Crescent City, so we all booked rooms at a super decent hotel

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