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glasses, braces and oh my

I’m a contact virgin. I’m the nerdy kid who always wanted to wear glasses and braces, and I never got to wear either. Well, I used to roll up aluminum foil and mold it around my teeth to pretend I had braces, but I never actually got to officially wear real ones, I just sort

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I Might Grow Grass

Our snow days are over. The ice melted (yes, it really did melt into water), the roads and bridges reopened, I don’t have to bundle up like the Michelin Man, and life is back to normal. Sort of. My mouth hurts. My jaw is sore and I think I have TMJ or lockjaw from eating

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My Hubs Deserves A Cape, Or A Sword, Or Car Sex

I picked up my new eyeglasses yesterday, and after several attempts to adjust my frames, the eyeglass fitter insisted my frames were fine. And I didn’t argue. I could see Fitter Guy’s frustration level was high so I figured I’d just go to another optician and get the eyeglasses fitted, later. And so we moved

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