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someday is tomorrow

Tomorrow morning my eighteen year old son will leave on his chest-beating-coming-of-age-I-am-an-independent-grown-up-hear-me-roar, road trip. His traveling companions are also eighteen year old boys. These boys are nerdy, MENSA, honor-roll types who just graduated high school last month and all of them either have a college degree already, or they have over half of the credit

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I Am Only Buying One Box Of Candles

I’m staring at my last-minute shopping list for my son’s birthday party: Corona Cuervo cupcakes hamburger buns candles And it hit me. He has outgrown Chuck E. Cheese. It blows my mind that his years exceed a box of birthday candles; that he doesn’t want to dress to match his Cozy Coupe (and that it’s

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