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self pity party

I don’t know anything that depletes my well of motivation faster than working my way back from an injury or illness. Trying to regain my running strength and stamina after thirteen sedentary days sucks. I know my body is capable of running ten miles. I ran ten miles last month, and nearly every weekend of

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Warning: Must Run To Play Well With Others

The MRI results are in, and I can’t run. For awhile. My remaining expendable organs are safe. whew But, I have a tear around one of my spine-legos and running or jumping will make it worse, a lot worse, so I can’t run. At all. But I can fast-walk the half-marathon in Nashville… Maybe. The

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I’m Gleek, The Pet Space Monkey with a Limp

My right hip hurts. And my left foot hurts. And I know that makes me sound like Quasimoto on Geritol, but actually, it’s my husband’s fault. And my friend Ethel’s fault too; and really, it’s like blaming the same person because my husband and my friend Ethel are the Wonder Twins. During an expo for

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