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boobs are the first sign

Soooo what happens to you when your favorite sibling and their partner dump you because they are immature, selfish fatheads? Well, let me just tell you. So you know… First you spend the weekend at the beach with great friends drinking mojitos and you try to pretend you are in your happy place. Or Key

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I Went To Key West, Got Hot & Came Home With Fiji

I made bar plans last night, and we all know how those work out. If every plan I made in a bar came to fruition, I’d have a lot of tattoos, but I don’t have any; I would have run two or three marathons in exotic locations like Hawaii or Fiji, but I have never

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I Used All The Seat Liners Bathing A Cat

A few months back, on our road trip South, my husband and I made a pit stop at the last bathroom before we hit the string of islands leading to our final destination, Key West. Being from Florida, we knew the popular food mart chain we chose for our last pit stop typically had very

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