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Big Purses Are Easier To See, And Find!

I went to the eye doctor today. And compared to the last time I went to the eye doctor, it was rather uneventful; I didn’t run out of the exam room screaming, or fear I was having an allergic reaction to the dilation drops, or try to escape. My eye exam was blah. It was

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Paramedic’s Wives Probably Have The Best Grannies

A special note to my sons, you may want to skip this one guys…. One of the things my mother always told me before I left the house, was to make sure I wore clean underwear, in case I got in to an accident. And by our teens, most of us knew, courtesy of ABC

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My Recliner Swallows Me Up & Messes With My Hair

I’m wide awake and it’s three-thirty in the morning. WTH. Oh yeah. That’s right. I fell asleep in my recliner last night around eight o’clock, with wet hair and a belly full of lobster. And vodka. So I got six hours of sleep. In my recliner. I guess my body doesn’t care if my six

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