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i went birthday dark

I took my birthdate off Facebook. I did it a few years ago, right before my birthday when I was talking to my tech-savvy-BFF Ethel, and bitching about how bizarre it felt to know that casual acquaintances (like people I drunk-friended at a bar in Key West years ago) were about be blasted with reminders

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I’m Out-ing Myself

My husband is baffled by my mustache collection, and he is convinced that I am the ONLY person on the planet who likes mustache merchandise despite all the evidence to the contrary, like there are actually stores full of this shit so obviously somebody is buying it besides me. Over the past year or two,

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Natural Expo Things

Let me start by saying that I get NOTHING from any of the brands I mention in this blog; not any discounts, or rebates. ZERO. I simply like the stuff I found. I’m just an average runner, who loves to eat, run, and shop; so race Expos are naturally my thing. And this last Expo

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