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heeeyyyooooo what’s new?

Long time, no see! I know. It’s me not you. I haven’t been here for a while. Let’s catch up. I went for a run in the middle of the day once, and stopped at a bar along the way (all sweaty and gross) to meet my friend for a liquid lunch. I played with

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a memory lane detour

I took a trip down Memory Lane last week. Not purposely. It was the kind of Memory Lane trip you take when you’re avoiding doing what you’re supposed to be doing, that you really didn’t want to do. Anyway. Yeah. That. I couldn’t help it. I stumbled across a big HUGE folder, made to look

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what mattered today

As I write this, my oldest son is sitting at the bedside of his dying grandfather. And my middle son is driving home, across five states, to be at the beside of his paternal grandfather too. I pray he makes it here. Safely. And in time. Two days before I heard about my ex-father-in-law’s fate,

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