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to watch or not to watch

Hubs wanted to rent Divergent tonight but I said no. I’m in the midst of forcing Hubs to binge-watch The Killing on Netflix. Not hard-core-binge-watch. I mean, I let him go to work, run and eat… I don’t know if Hubs actually wanted to see Divergent, or if he just wants a break from Linden

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just. like. that.

I saw this infogram on Facebook a few minutes ago and I was shocked. Horrified. Worried. Hubs and I LOVE to read, our boys are all avid readers (even as adults), and we all LOVE bookstores; in fact, new books were treats for our kids when they were little. How could somebody not love to

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It’s A Man-Shark

Right around the time I turned forty, my distance vision started to get fuzzy, and I was so excited. FINALLY. I could get glasses! My whole life I wanted glasses. And braces. I always wanted braces; the kind with full on head-gear. When I was a pre-teen, I used to roll up tin foil and

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