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out with the old (milk)

I’ve never been good at ending things. Even when I know it’s coming..like I can see the train headed straight toward me and I can clearly see the end…and I have every opportunity to gracefully step off the tracks…but I don’t do it. I cling to the nostalgia of it all…like with milk…I mean. Me

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it just depends on the thing

I’m not participating in this month’s NaBloPoMo, however when I saw today’s writing prompt I couldn’t resist jumping in for one day because I’ve recently talked about this whole situation with a friend. *And this is just my opinion…I’m not a qualified medical professional; I just grew up in an abusive family, had several years

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it’s not “just” facebook…

Sometimes it’s not just Facebook. Sometimes it’s your connection. One of my siblings recently had a baby and as it happens, life got busy for me and my sibling at the same time. In the past month since the baby’s birth I haven’t even met the baby, but I loved perusing Facebook looking for new

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