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Magic 18

My youngest son Nic dropped a bomb on me and Hubs a couple of weeks ago; he said he wanted to attend a gamer’s convention in July, in Austin Texas, with two of his friends. All three of the boys will be eighteen years old by July. And you know. Eighteen. That magic age when

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I Used All The Seat Liners Bathing A Cat

A few months back, on our road trip South, my husband and I made a pit stop at the last bathroom before we hit the string of islands leading to our final destination, Key West. Being from Florida, we knew the popular food mart chain we chose for our last pit stop typically had very

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Grateful non-Senior

I asked my husband to put an Apple sticker on my car this morning. I drive a Prius. A lot of Senior Citizens drive Prius’ too so I feel the need to distinguish my Prius from theirs. So I decorate my Prius with a few ‘fun-in-a-not-so-Geritol-way’ stickers. So this morning while my husband was sticking

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