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sea monkey challenge

Along with stepping up my miles for the fourth (or fifth?) half marathon I’m running in seven weeks, I’m doing the 30 Day Plank Challenge this month. I’m planking a minute-a-day for eleven days until the challenge calendar exceeds my ability, and I’m doing my planks on my hands; because I can. As with any

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Visions of Wild Turkeys & Christmas Porn

I’ve always thought of Thanksgiving as a precursor-holiday; a practice; the kickoff holiday that gets you in the mood for the main event: Christmas. Maybe that’s because somewhere along the way in my life, I figured out that always being thankful makes me happier, so I don’t feel like I need a specific day to

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Swirlgear Girl

About a month ago, Swirlgear picked me to be a Brand Ambassador, and to help them spread the word about their boutique running apparel, designed especially for women, by women runners. Of course I was honored, and super excited to try Swirlgear. I immediately went to the the Swirlgear website, and since they are a

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