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Today is Day 32 of my Whole30 challenge.  Yep, I did it! I lasted the whole thirty days, and then some. Over the past month I have had many non-scale victories; clearer skin, thicker hair, better sleep, more energy, zero bloating, and a very even mood –which is huge for me, just ask my husband.

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My Head Needs 3 Scales

For the past few years, I haven’t had many chances to have lunch with my middle son Alex, because there was a massive ocean between us. But now, for a little while at least, my son is home. So today I had the mid-day pleasure of his company. During our lunch, Alex unknowingly said the

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Ohio Makes Fat Floridians

I ate my way through Ohio last weekend. I gained three pounds in fifty-five hours. Three pounds doesn’t sound like a lot; unless you imagine duct taping twelve sticks of butter to your inner thighs (because that is where weight goes on me), then it becomes a serious amount of fatness. Last night when I

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