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Stick With Whatcha Know

(Warning to my sons: you probably don’t want to read this, unless I’m dead and you’re questioning my computer’s search engine history) A few weeks ago my good friend Diane suggested I use my new-and-unplanned-free-time to write a book. Diane and I have been friends for years, and she is “in the business,” so when

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My Sometimes Keyboard

I write on my iPad, and I use a possessed bluetooth keyboard. Truly. My keyboard has a mind of its own. Just when I decide I’m ready to go out and buy a new one, it starts to work. Once I spilled coffee in my tote bag and I think it may have dribbled down,

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I’ve been to Crazy and I’m Back!

Yeah, I know. Everyone has asked me. And thank you for asking. Really. I haven’t blogged in a while. And yes, I’ve been writing, I always write. As you know, my writing reflects my life. And from October through December my body was going through some major side effects because I changed from the synthetic

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